Dylan Stokes joins Team Tanoshi

Tanoshi Racing Team is all about fun for youngsters in riding Motocross. As a team our goals are to have fun, be professional and act as a team in racing Motocross, Enduro, off-road and trails. 

Zone 7 MSA race 1 26 January 2014 - First race of the season at zone 7. The kids wanted to race so that's what we ended up doing. Tanoshi stands for FUN. So hard to not go racing if there is an event to ride your dirtbikes with your buddies under the sun at zone!



We are fighting the war on misinformation and pseudo-science being spread by many MMA "authorities" who claim to know what they are doing but are either slowing or holding back the progress of their students. And we are fighting the war on garbage being pumped into people by the supplement companies who will purposefully mis-educate and mis-inform people into buying their products because they think they need it.


Our weapons in this war are Truth, first and foremost. Everything we say and do comes from a place of honesty and authenticity, and it's primary purpose is to assist or educate. Our experts are experienced in MMA and are highly qualified by recognised institutions in the development of the human body.

They used to say "ask and you shall receive." We subscribe to the motto of "give and you shall receive" so we empower through knowledge and education.

All of our products and services are means to an end, and that end is the quickest, best way to achieve stellar results in terms of athletic ability, weight management, performance and health.

They say the truth shall set you free. Join us, and Uncage your potential!


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